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PvP zones in patrol on all planets - The Wilderness -

This would be awesome


Absolutely not


I've put a lot of thought into this and the more i think about it, the more desirable it becomes. Have you ever played a game called Runescape? If not, it's an open world MMORPG. 85% of their large map is PvE, but north of the map is a place called the wilderness. Cornered off by a barrier, warning signs and just a view of death and desert. So, imagine. There's an insane boss that is crazy hard to defeat, but they drop insane loot for all members of your fire team. This boss is located far north of the wilderness on earth. You and your four man fire team get together to travel from the opening of the wilderness, all the way north to the boss. On your way, you may encounter difficult monsters or even other fire teams that are going for the same objective. Do you engage? You may need to, because they will certainly kill you if you take their boss kill from them. They may even receive a reward from your death. You and your fire team manage to kill off the enemy fire team and you finally arrive at this boss. There's another team there already who have just started shooting down the boss but you get in to a complicated battle where you are trying to get the majority of the boss kill but also trying to kill of your enemy fireteam(s). Go easy on me guardians, this is just an idea Please up vote if you support the idea!

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