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Tales of a Mars Sentry // Daily Routines

Masterpost: 7:20 Zahir wakes up and immediately makes his way to the kitchen. He cooks breakfast and listens to Crucius as he feeds him the news, both city and Vanguard. By the time he has finished packing her lunch, Eltanin comes to the living room to eat, and he joins her. 7:46 Lacer rolls out of bed and performs basic hygiene. He drinks coffee at his desk as Jolt looks for any jobs the scout team can take. A suspicious, yellowing envelope with a large red seal arrives at his apartment, and he throws it out. Zahir sees Eltanin to work, and heads to the tower to prepare for patrol. 8:13 Lacer calls the scout team together for a scout report request on Titan. He remembers he still has to file the last one, and gets to it. Zahir runs into an acquaintance at the tower, and they catch up. 8:25 Zahir leaves the tower for patrol in the EDZ. Lacer sends his reports to the Vanguard and arrives at the tower to gather with his team. 10:12 Lacer calls Eltanin and asks her if Hive worms eat anything. She politely asks him not to mess with any worms he comes across. Zahir encounters a hunter patrolling the same area, and they decide to check on an assumedly abandoned Cabal outpost. 10:31 Lacer calls Eltanin again, saying he’ll never disregard her advice ever again. 11:53 With the help of the hunter, Zahir takes down an extremely bold colossus, who had been holed up in the outpost since the Red War ended, cut off from communication and uninformed of the Red Legion’s defeat. 13:17 Lacer’s team sits at the edge of an oil rig to eat lunch. Ascella complains that their spot is too close to the methane and that it smells. 13:48 Zahir and the hunter part ways after confirming that the outpost is now indeed abandoned. Lacer learns of a minor Hive infestation near one of the Arcology’s main power generators. 14:36 Lacer’s team arrives at the generator and begins engaging the Hive. He thinks about how he can impress Ascella, oblivious to the fact that she is doing the same. Zahir takes note of a fairly large Fallen camp south of the Winding Cove. 14:57 Zahir wraps up patrol and heads to his part-time job as a chef for a saloon in the city. Lacer’s team comes upon a massive knight, and he’s reminded of the last time he had to deal with one. He strongly advises his team against using swords against the colossal beast. 16:04 Lacer wraps up his mission and heads to the Derelict to compete in his scheduled Gambit match. Zahir escorts a disruptive patron out of the saloon. 16:23 Lacer loses 15 motes after being pushed into the path of a Cabal phalanx by his “teammate.” 16:39 Being a pair of warlocks with the ability of chaos reach, Lacer’s teammates surprise him by quickly burning down the primeval in the final round, and they win the match. 17:11 Lacer arrives at his home and begins “filing scout reports.” In reality, he’s playing a video game while calling Ascella. 19:32 Zahir wraps up his shift and heads to the supermarket. 20:05 Zahir begins preparing dinner. 20:43 Lacer finally begins filing his report. Zahir gives Eltanin her dinner and goes to his study to work. 20:57 Lacer arrives at Zahir’s apartment, asking for help with his scout report. 21:34 Zahir sends Lacer off with a finished report. He goes to the living room to watch the news and surf through Vanguard reports. 23:19 Lights out at Zahir’s apartment. 1:03 Lacer goes to sleep.

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