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9/4/2019 11:34:35 PM

Cross-Save Does Not Work! Likely Server-Side Bug, Please Help

Hello, My Cross-Save does not function as it is supposed to. When I sign in on my PC account, it does not recognize Cross-Save as active. At first I thought it might have been my own error, but my Xbox account (the one containing all of my progress through the years) is [b]DEFINITELY[/b] connected correctly to my account. And before you ask, yes, the account is the same one I am signed in on in the client. And I correctly set up the Steam migration before this happened as well, so it's not that either. Despite that, when I log into the game on PC, it does not indicate Cross-Save is active, my friends do not see it when they look at my profile in the roster, and only my vanilla PC account is there. I haven't played on PC since around launch, if that information is useful. Weirdly, when I sign in on my Xbox, the game DOES recognize that I have Cross-Save active, that my Xbox characters should be on all platforms. But the PC version doesn't even seem to notice. I have tried sign ins and sign outs, verifying the game cache and even reinstalling the game, but this issue still persists. Usually when I ask for help people ask if I linked the wrong accounts or something along those lines. This is not the case. I very much believe that this is a server-side error -- my friend did the exact same process and he has no issues with his Cross Save. Please, please help me! The only possible option (that might not even help me at all) would be to try deactivating and reactivating Cross-Save. But that would lock me out of the game for months - and I'd miss the Shadowkeep launch which I am waiting eagerly to pick up.

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