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9/3/2019 9:13:40 PM

Friend's Cross Save Does Not Work on PC

Hello, My friend - who goes on Xbox by the name of RickOwensOnline - set up cross save to link his PC account to his Xbox account. When he signs in on the Xbox, the game properly acknowledges that he has Cross Save enabled. When he signs in on PC, this is not the case. When I check his profile in the Roster, it does not say 'Cross Save Enabled' like it would for anyone else. And furthermore, he cannot access any of his characters - they are stuck on his pre-cross save ones. This may seem like a simple 'oh, you didn't set up cross save correctly with the account' but he definitely did configure cross save with the correct account. I would like to make very clear that [i]we have verified his cross-save configuration is correct[/i]. He has also tried reinstalling the game. And he did the whole 'move to steam' process as well. It's very disappointing because we were eager to experience Shadowkeep together on PC. He has not tried disabling and re-enabling cross save, but that should not be required.. and if he did so, it would mean he would not be able to play on PC for over a month. He posted this issue in his own thread before but did not get a response.

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