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9/3/2019 7:28:09 PM

Destinations and Vendors

Ive played since the first day of D1 and I want to put forth some feedback and a few ideas that would be nice to see in the future. Planet destinations, specifically [u]vanilla[/u], have been pretty stagnate. Patrols and public events are only being used for various quest's steps, and they arent at all engaging because too many of them are the same. Their bounties are hardly worth doing, and because the gear has been the same since day one, vendors are useless. I very much appreciate the addition different activities such as escalation protocol and blind well (add matchmaking to blind well!), and new public events on the tangled shore/ dreaming city. Its unfortunate that the rest of the destinations werent updated in forsaken. In D1, the vendors had new inventories with each update. Keep that ball rolling and apply that idea to the vendors in D2. Warmind and Forsaken are good examples: each destination should have its own activities and public events. Destination specific armor, weapons, ghosts, ships, sparrows, etc. Treat them like D1 factions with their own exotic class item and emblems (not like the current recolored emblem). Give those vanilla vendors a good reason for us to go see them! I love the thought of showing off the cool unique stuff I got from Failsafe on Nessus because I spent the time there completing challenges and activities.

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