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9/3/2019 12:19:13 PM

What are guns for in Iron Banner?

Just make yourself immune to gun fire. It's easy. I mean, [b]if you don't[/b] want to make yourself invincible and insta-kill everything with Supers and grenades, just camp with a sniper; that's not too bad because the game aims for you--as long as you don't miss by more than 60 or so feet you should be good for an insta-kill with your sniper. You have to use a crosshair which is pretty complicated. But seriously, what are guns for? It seems so silly that you can't just unequip them. Why bring something into an activity that you actually don't ever want to use unless you want to get destroyed. Who uses anything that takes more than one shot to kill? LOL. The fact Bungie doesn't have an option for unequipping guns in Iron Banner/Crucible is hilarious. It's like tricking the poor -blam!- who think guns do something. Then they wonder why they don't get 50+ kills in a game.

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