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Need help deactivating Cross Save...

My issue is fairly simple, and I believe I may just have shot myself in the foot, but I'm hoping I can maybe get some official help here. Long story short, I activated cross-save for my old pre-CoO psn account just for nostalgia's sake, to go through my old guns and armor that I don't have access to on PC anymore. The problem is, when I went back after my trip down memory lane to deactivate cross-save and go back to my main PC account, I get "Cross Save cannot be unlinked for 37 days because you’ve purchased Silver on your account recently." 37 days is after Shadowkeep's launch... Am I screwed? Is there no way around this? Would it be possible to make a one-time exception here and just disable the cross-save feature on my account please? I pre-ordered shadowkeep and the season pass on my PC account. I am insanely hyped to play that expansion. But the PS4 account I cross-saved doesn't even have Forsaken purchased... I just did this for a little bit of nostalgia and now I won't be able to play basically ANY post-forsaken content until october 9th, a full week after the release of Shadowkeep. HELP ME PLEASE. I know I was an idiot, I should've read the cross save page all the way to the end, but I didn't. I only read until the part that talked about the 90-day wait period [i]after[/i] deactivating, and figured it was fine. I had no idea that activating the feature would trigger a waiting period for me to be able to even be [i]able[/i] to deactivate it in the first place...

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