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Изменено (Blazed Ona Kayak): 8/21/2019 8:59:47 PM

I can't unlink my deactivated PSN account.

I was trying to do the new Cross Save feature, but ran into an issue I haven't seen anywhere. In 2015 I wanted to play 2 accounts. One for Xbox and one for Playstation. Soon I realized that it was inefficient and stop playing Playstation. I also stopped paying for the PSN Plus. Sony then deactivated my account. I called them on a help line and they told me I would have to pay the PSN Plus to reactivate it. I had also linked the PSN account with my Bungie account. Once the account was deactivated I could no longer sign in which means I could not unlink my PSN from Bungie. I put it off because i thought it didn't matter. Now when I attempt to Cross Save. The process requires ALL accounts linked to be authenticated. And this is where my problem begins. I cannot unlink because it require a sign in and I cannot authenticate because it also requires a sign in. I moved to PC and want to play with my Xbox friends which is why I want to Cross Save I do not care to play Playstation. If anyone or someone suffering the same issue could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Nick B.

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