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9/1/2019 4:29:33 AM
The part in GOD. When God responds to Kendrick Lamar [quote]-blam!- is you talkin' to? Ayy, do you know who you talkin' to? Slide on you like fallen drapes God toss full of carnivals I kill 'em with kindness Or I kill 'em with diamonds Or I put up like fifteen hundred Get yo' ass killed by the finest Everything in life is a gamble Nothin' in life I can't handle Seen it all, done it all, felt pain more For the cause, I done put blood on sword Everything I do is to embrace y'all Everything I write is a damn eight ball Everything I touch is a damn gold mine Everything I say is from an angel I don't rush shit, -blam!- shit, always your shit, my shit Cannonballs to ignite shit, morning to the night shift I'm on, I ain't sorry for it Ask for a piece of mine, you charged me for it I wanna see sometimes if you ignore it I'm in the streets sometimes and can't afford it I got a bad habit, levitatin', duckin' haters Oh my! My heart is rich, my heart is famous[/quote] Every time

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