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8/23/2019 6:13:48 PM

Shadowkeep: Eris, her stone and the nightmares.

[b]Hey everybody![/b] So today I have a theory for you, regarding the origin of these nightmares. We have all seen curses made by the ahamkhara's in the dreaming city and personally, I find the nightmares and everything related to shadowkeep looking a lot like a curse. So could it have been another evil wish, but this time on the Lunar surface? If i'm correct it is confirmed that there were ahakmara's on the moon, because Eris found her rock (a bone of an ahamkara) in the tunnels deep in the moon. Bungie has also stated that the danger of shadowkeep was older than the hive-structures on Luna, so this could be implying the ahamkara, which skeletons have been found in the hive tunnels. [b][i]This could mean a few things.[/b] First of all: [/i] - Eris made the evil wish on accident. Personally I think this is not the case.. So yea xD [i]Second of all:[/i] - Savathun (aka the hive) was the one who made this deal. Again making it an almost endless killing machine, but perhaps she has found a way to get fed by the guardians killing those returning nightmares. This could also explain why the hive don't seem to have any problems with these nightmare creatures. [i]Last: [/i] - An unkown person/creature almost directly related to the darkness. Maybe Nezrac? [i] [b]Well? What do you guys think of this idea? Hope we can talk about it below! Have a nice day! Thanoxz*[/b][/i]

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