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8/29/2019 11:18:54 AM

Character Level in Shadowkeep

Character LEVEL Question Moving Into Shadowkeep My question is about character level in the game. Basically even after watching all the ViDocs and information I can find online I am still unsure about how character level is going to be treated in Destiny 2 following the launch of Shadowkeep. By character level I obviously am not talking about light level (power level) but the character's actual level (currently between 1 and 50). When Shadowkeep launches, will this level cap increase? And if so, will there be some form of new character boost to level 50 for example? Or will it remain 50? Or... Is character level going to be made completely redundant with New Light and you will no longer have to reach a certain level to be able to partake in activities? I realise that the New Light Power Level will be 750, meaning you will be able to do any existing activity in the game, but will character level still have any purpose? My main idea is that I have unlevelled characters on my PC account and was planning on buying a boost to 30 currently, but I'm weighing up whether it will be worth it or if when Shadowkeep releases will I have spent money for nothing and the level I am at will not matter any more? If anyone has any information they can give me around this topic (ideally Bungie team members or well informed community members) I would appreciate it GREATLY. <3

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