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8/28/2019 5:29:21 PM

Low Frames?

Recently Destiny 2's been having some low framerate problems which I can't seem to fix with the ingame settings. I run destiny on [url=]almost max settings[/url] on a 1440p 144hz monitor and I'm getting ~90 frames in the tower, around 80 in gambit matches, and 100 in the EDZ. I've heard of lower cards running max settings at higher frames, so I'm curious of there's a problem with something. Specs below RTX 2070 8G OC i7-9700k 2TB Samsung SSD 32GB DDR4 RAM [url=]Here's a Speccy screenshot with more information[/url], there's a few errors on it though. The CPU's a 9700k not 7700, and the GPU is 8G. Destiny 2 is installed on the SSD. In the edz my CPU hovers around 80-90% usage and my GPU stays at 100% despite just having discord and destiny open. With discord and chrome open I'm seeing ~5% CPU and 2% GPU

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