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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (kfairns): 8/23/2019 7:48:32 AM

Hunt ( 1 v 3 Crucible Elimination/Survival Game Mode)

What would happen if a Dredgen were to corner your fireteam? What if you had no light? Just your fireteam and your weapons verses a rogue lightbearer? This game mode is about communication, and wreaking havoc. As the fireteam, you’re going to be communicating to take down your opponent. Neither of you have health regeneration. Your ghosts are the ones that handle that. Yours and your fireteams have been destroyed by the Dredgen, and they killed their own ghost a while back. The Dredgen can still use the powers of the light, and they should start the round with their super bar half filled (they should have no health regen at all, which should mean a clumsy roaming super will be able to be taken down easily by a well organised team). Around 20 minutes being the maximum time in this game mode (first to five, if everyone dies it should award a win to fireteam for defeating the Dredgen while not even being able to throw a nade) This playlist should give players an opportunity to get more used to their unique weapons and communication as a fireteam, and also just have fun with the powers you have as a guardian when you solo queue.

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