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8/25/2019 12:16:38 PM

State of LFG, Streams and Community

Before anyone calls me sodium boy, let me be clear, I am trying to be constructive below so be constructive and don't troll. So, on a lazy Sunday I decided to LFG and watch some good streams and hype material from favourite streamers. Here is what I saw: [b]LFG[/b] - A lot of posts open without filling up both on XBL and Destiny App. Not everything is because of KWTD or have clears, it's just that people are not responding. For example, on old stuff like Thorn strike, Maelfascense strike, campaigns, zero hour, you get the idea. - Lot of KWTD or be 2+ KD is still there but don't know if they get filled easily or expire. - Lots of help me competitive is there and you know what will happen to them. - Every 5th post is a carry service or recovery. Not just for competitive but for anything ranging from raid to EAZ. That is what it is. [b]Stream[/b] I am not going to judge top good streamers, that's for another post and actually I wanted to watch them but being in EU they weren't online in my afternoon understandable so here is what I saw. - Top 10 most watched under Destiny 2 on twitch is full of grind. - No EU English/German/French speaking streamer was online. There were bunch of Russians though and some Koreans :) - 4 of them were girls playing badly and viewers (mostly sausages) joining in to chat and help her in anything/everything. One Russian streamer who was just doing patrols and low skill grind was wearing net top and had more viewers helping her than anything. In 2 minutes, 4 viewers offered her lobby and fable carry for free. I can't take here name but if you want to guess, the clue for her name is: "She is all about being sensible but in a German way" :) Anyway, LFG made me sad and Twitch made me sadder. Back in D1 days, LFG help was always at hand at any time of day or week and especially in European holidays. Now, there is nothing or it's very little and hard to find. Twitch is being exploited for money. Seriously, it's all about numbers and if someone can stream from kitchen/bedroom and make money from their dressing then I'm not to judge but I don't think that's what Bungie intended :) Let me know what you guys see online and whether my vision in just too indicative of European player base.

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