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8/24/2019 1:54:07 AM

Being locked out of my BNet characters, due to silver.

I was trying to see if I could play on my prior xbox characters which gleefully I could, but that didn't last long. Just to make sure I tried to go back to my main characters/account and I couldn't because of the 90 day silver time period. I had no knowledge of that being a barrier. I thought that we could play on our other characters that we had linked and our current ones but that was not the case. I am partly to blame for not reading into the whole cross save thing. I would really hope that I could have my BattleNet characters/account to be set as my Cross Saved account. It sucks knowing now that I will not be able to play shadowkeep with my friends on time. My job(full-time job) takes up a lot of my week and I hardly have time to play. So starting all the way back from warmind is not super great and I don't have that time to spare.

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