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Изменено (Primarch TULF): 8/26/2019 11:32:16 PM

Cannot Disable Cross Save Due to Silver Purchase, Upvote to fix

The morning cross save launched I jumped on and set it up. I selected my Xbox guardians to see their legacy emblems and such on PC. What I did not know: once activated the account you choose will be active until you disable cross save (I could not find a way to switch active profile). Ok no worries, deactive cross save. Cross save CANNOT be unlinked from my PC account as I have purchased Silver in the past 90 days. This was before this information was added to the FAQ This is the error message when I try and unlink:"Your Cross Save setup for requires attention: Cross Save cannot be unlinked for 85 days because you’ve purchased Silver on your account recently." Account I want to be cross saved: My Account

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