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8/24/2019 1:38:21 AM

Getting Forsaken Pre-order Exclusive items for veterans while newbies getting them.

Good day everyone! I have a major problem. I am mostly a collector in-game, I have bought Forsaken and annual pass in November or December, 2018 when the game went f2p for a while and we did not receive any of these Cayde ornament-shader-ship combo(I know those were exclusive at the time). My friend did receive them when he bought the Complete Collection for 40 euros via in August 9th, 2019(while I have spent at least 100 euros for both Forsaken and Annual Pass in the past not mention the juicy solstice armor glows this year). I was hoping that we(long-time players) could obtain them somehow. Probably everyone would be happy, or if you are not willing to give it to us, don't give those items away for newbies for less at least. Sincerely, SunlightHUN

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