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What's up fellow epic gamers! It’s been five years since the original release of Destiny and since then we’ve all moved onto Destiny 2 and along the way, we’ve lost some friends, made some new ones and along the way we completed challenging tasks that could only be done with serious teamwork and coordination. Which is exactly the kind of gamer we are currently looking for, the experienced veteran. Maybe you’ve completed many raids and your coming from a clan that’s gone silent, we want you! Maybe you’re a crucible god, and you want to roll with others like you, we want you! Maybe you’re a gamer who lives simple to crush the greatest challenges that Bungie can throw at you, we want you! Basically, if you’d consider yourself an experienced Destiny gamer, we want you! [u]Back in D1 we had over 2000 members & we were even [url=]featured by Bungie! [/url][/u] We use "Discord" to keep in touch, arrange fireteams and just have a laugh. [b]Downloading the Discord app is required to take advantage of all our clan has to offer.[/b] We really want you to get connected and be a part of the community. Feel free to check out our [url=]private Discord server[/url] right now. You don’t even have to join our clan to check out our Discord server. If you’re interested in joining our PS4 clan, go to our [url=] clan page[/url] and send in a request to join us. Quintero_J, Founder

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