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8/22/2019 3:33:40 PM

How to recover old bungie account with email log in?

So I tried to use cross save yesterday, and couldn't because I couldn't access one of my accounts(PS4) the solution on this forums was to create a new bungie account. So I moved my XBOX, PC, and Steam accounts to a new bungie account and was able to use cross save. However, I realize now ALL my redeemed codes were linked to my old bungie account. I want to move my cross saves back to that account but cannot access it because the only thing on there is the PS4 account. However, I have access to my email that is associated with the account and a history of having all my accounts on there. As well as my linked purchase history. This whole thing is messed up, I never realized there are no support tickets for Destiny. How do I go about recovering all of my stuff on my old account? I wish there was just some website tech support that could help, this is very frustrating. What am I supposed to do?

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