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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
8/21/2019 2:06:29 PM

Stop doing typical “Destiny” things!

For as long as Destiny has been around, I have been a fan. Since the light level grind to 32. The VOG cheese teams. All the way to present, this game has successfully kept my interest and desire to do more and unlock more. I am not a pro gamer, nor do I think I know this game better than everyone else but there are some things that as a part of the Bungie family, I would to discuss and hopefully inspire some changes because it is us gamers that ultimately make the games better! As great of a game as Destiny is and as much as I enjoy dumping parts of my soul into this game and its ever changing content, there is one thing that I just can't seem to get over. It is something that is shared with all of my friends and random gamers that I meet. That something is that Destiny, despite all of its impressive changes, cannot stop being Destiny. Now when a game changes something, it will inevitable anger some people because it then forces them into change, and this is a GOOD thing. It helps to keep the game alive, different, and interesting. However, some of these changes have remained predictable through the entirety of Destiny, and some, though they do invoke change, are not healthy for our community. Before we talk about the changes, let's talk about things that have not changed. Destiny is widely known for its tier system in grading the potency of weapons and armor. These tiers for anyone new reading this are common, rare, legendary, and exotic. There was once a time when getting an exotic was a big deal, people let loose shouts of joy, people would freak out. If you don't know what I am talking about, this shows just how long this has been an issue. We have a broken tier system and something I would love and that I believe a majority of the community would love is a better and more in depth tier system. This could be completed by added class ranks to our already existing tiers and it doesn't have to be much. A simple "Aclass" or S class" or "rank I/ Rank II" anything will do. Why is this worth mentioning? We currently have a massive loot pool of exotics, legendaries, rares, etc. Many of these are clearly in the wrong class. Some too low and many too high. How many of us have an exotic that we have never and will likely never touch unless it it to increase our light level during a grind to the next cap. The same can be said however for legendaries. We need a broken down system like this especially for new players to understand why a lot of exotics are useless and why there can easily be a loadout of all legendary weapons ( it seems that legendary gear doesn't contain quite the power as weapons ). And this brings us to the main point of this. I know this has been a longer read, so I will keep it short...ish. STOP BEING DESTINY! I love you, but please stop. Stop nerfing EVERYTHING! This is a running joke but at the same time a running annoyance to all players too. We know that when something good comes up, it will inevitably be nerfed. Stop. We love the grind of Destiny but there needs to be a reason, and when you nerf something to uselessness you have lost the point to grind for most. Take Lunas Howl and its counterpart. I have raged more times than I would like to admit when initially going up against this gun, but this is what drove me to wanting it.... it was supposed to be a "Pinnacle" weapon. As terrible as this gun was to face, some easy counter measures and you won- Blast furnace or decent pulse from distance to fight its terrible range or perhaps a dust rock blues with its god bullets when you're in close. But nope, Destiny did it again. They made it still viable but no longer anything remotely close to a "Pinnacle" weapon. It is now barely better than other handcannons if better at all. This has to stop. If needed, make it playlist banned in non-competitive playlists. Problem solved. Now I'm sure I sound terrible complaining about this but this just one example. How long were scout rifles useless in PVP? Sub machine guns on console? Now I agree some things do need a little nerf like the one eyed mask ( which I miss but also understood its horrendous power). But most of these need to be explored before a nerf is issued. When you nerf one, something else more deadly will take its place. Gambit's queenbreaker rampage is enough to show what happens when you do this. And now was have the mountaintop beginning to appear more often. Lunas was a pain to fight against but like I showed before it can be outplayed. Mountaintop is a one hit kill. Lunas howl required 2 headshots in a row, mountaintop needs to be aimed right at someone and fired. Jotun you can at leas have a chance at dodging as you see it coming. This is all invoked by the typical Destiny nerf. I hope this information makes it somewhere so that it can make a difference. I enjoy this game and always will but new players or casual players will and have been quickly losing interest when they A. don't have a safe place to play pvp without these weapons and B. desire these weapons only to watch the Destiny nerf hand come in before they can get them themselves. There are plenty of overpowered weapons out there and players will find the balances themselves. Fine tuning will always be needed but I ask of you as a member of the community and of common thought, please stop with the nerfs that make these weapons utterly useless.

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