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Изменено (Brawneteer): 8/20/2019 9:44:20 PM

How is power level going to work with no cap?

Maybe I'm just not getting it. What I understand is that in Shadowkeep, once you hit 950 power the only way to get higher is by playing "pinnacle" activities like Raids and Iron Banner, along with the artifact that grants power which resets every season. What I want to know is this: will armor and weapon drops be hard capped to power 950 and leveling up the artifact by playing Raids and Iron Banner will be the only way to get higher than 950 with that bonus resetting every season, or will armor and weapon drops have no cap, meaning our power level truly will be unlimited and we could eventually see 2000+ power level guardians running around. Second, how will an "uncapped" power work in modes like Iron Banner and Gambit? Will there be a cap set to 950 for those modes, or will that one guy who does nothing but play Destiny and has a power of 1200 just always be at an advantage?

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