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[PS4] AUDACITY LF PvP/ Raiders ⚒⚔️

[b]Looking for EST Afternoon Players[/b] - Clan: A U D A C I T Y - PSN - Play Times - Eastern Time US: Afternoon 1-5pm; evening group 9pm-1am We are a tight clan of about 25-30 players, almost everyone are D1 vets. Mostly professional adults, with lives, some of us with families. We are chill, but serious about the game, builds, loadouts, and serious weapon grinds. We are looking for 21yr old + , all genders, solid players who can have fun and talk some shit. 95% of us have all Pinnacle weapons. [b]Focus[/b] We burn through PvE content quickly: - Most have exotic quests done day 1-2 - Always beat the raids - Work on PvE weapon grinds and seasonal content [b]LOTS of PvP!![/b] - We all come from a PvP background - Most everyone has all Pinnacle weapons - KD’s range 1.2 - 2.06 - Comp to Fun weird loadout 6-stacks Send a DM if you play during these times, specifically Eastern afternoon. My personal stats (9th on our leaderboard) [url=][/url]

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