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Destiny 2

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8/19/2019 2:39:01 PM

Imagine universal remote, but it's two guns in one...

Here's a concept I thought of a while back. Universal remote was a really good weapon in destiny 1. The precision damage whilst aiming was super neat and because it was in the primary slot I could run double shotguns it was a blast. Literally! In destiny 2, shotguns can now be equipped in the primary slot. This slightly removes universal remote's uniqueness and the chaperone being in D2 also renders it a less viable weapon to use, because chaperone has really good range and precision damage. This is where I thought about a possible change to universal remote for Destiny 2. The term universal is to be applicable in all places. This led me to where I got my inspiration for an alteration to this exotic weapon. ------------------------ New perk - channel 2 Holding reload transforms this weapon into an assault rifle (and vice versa) Assault ammo is based on how many shotgun shells you have (so if you have 2 shotgun shells, you get 40 bullets(and 1, 20 etc.)) This will allow a 4 weapon loadout that will allow you to engage in both close and mid range combat without being too powerful. Only special ammo can be picked up for this weapon, but it will grant 2 shotgun shells and 40 assault ammo. Both can be used without taking from the other (so you can still shoot a shell and still have 40 assault ammo left.

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