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Destiny 2

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8/19/2019 8:56:27 AM

Solstice of the Grind

Too grindy


Not grindy enough


I gave up and moved onto better games


My thoughts on the solstice event: The armor: The exact same as last years event with only slight modifications in the glows and overall look 1/10, why should I grind for armor that I have a set of already, and if the armor 2.0 is true, I can get it from my vault and it will be 2.0 just like the new set The EAZ: A small cityscape which forces players to jump around like madmen, killing minibosses and finding chests at the end to get the most loot out of it, 8/10, i personally enjoyed the look and feel of the map, however after getting stuck trying to get to bosses who were buried inside of buildings with only hallways that were easy to get lost in, and warlocks finding themselves hitting walls as every other class can scale the walls with ease. Not enough of a gripe to damn it below an 8 but it wasn't perfect Maybe next time, add ways to extend boss killing time or add in enemies to the chest finding to kill to add time to clock to get them all The grind: 0/10, 30 playlist strikes, 30 gambit/crucible, a metric ton of orbs to make, 30 solstice packages, 30 public events, and 9 adventures, and that's just to get through the greens of each set 150 bounties, 15 challenges (3 weeks of work unless you literally level each set at the same time to switch mid-challenge, EVEN MORE ORBS TO MAKE PER MODE, 30 heroic public events, 900 enemies defeated(300 per class of a type), 75 patrols(different planets per class), 150 EAZ bosses(can be done faster by killing the final boss), and that's just a portion of how to get through the blue armor set The legendary set is the exact same as last year to upgrade besides some small modifications like running strikes with clan mates, 200k nightfall, etc I loved the first solstice of heroes, where all you had to do was re-run old story missions with new modifiers and higher difficulties like you were still a noob to the world and with every success, another armor was closer to completion. Which was also very easy to do for people that work 40 hours a week like I did and I successfully completed all 3 armors and stored them away for another day I have only completed 1 armor set of the solstice and upon realizing it ends next week, I gave up on my warlock as it now stands to be impossible to complete before it ends as the challenges were done to get my warlock past greens and I only have 1 reset left OVERALL Rating: 5/10, I know if someone does the math it doesn't add up to this but I did enjoy the EAZ for the time I played it, but the grind made me never want to touch destiny again until shadowkeep and even then, with little interest because nothing will change in shadowkeep, and once the next big DLC comes out if they are doing one again, all of our gear will just be bumped to that new light level so weeks of grinding for that armor, is just more meaningless then it is now Ways to improve: 1. Make some challenges on armor have an extra reward to skip armor challenges, or triumphs have a few skip consumable for players to use on a challenge they want to be auto-completed, it lessens the grind and gives players a reason to keep going to make their next character easier to get done, Possibly enough to complete an armor set to legendary rarity in the number of obtainable consumables but not enough to complete 2 sets of armor 2. Remove a zero from a lot of other challenges on armors, instead of 100 orbs in gambit/crucible, 10, that way players are fighting to win will getting their stuff done on the side, I gave up cruible matches to dive for orbs that were just a suicide march into open ground to get, just to complete the challenge 3. Combine the crucible/gambit competitions with strike completions and just get rid of the 10 strikes done, I hate PVP and I hate gambit, (i will not lie, I'm a PvE fan), so other players who also hate the PVP portions can just play what they love and that's it

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