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впервые опубликовано в: We Need A Wolf Companion Emote
Изменено (Izzy): 8/19/2019 12:55:34 AM
also all 3 Subclasses need an Elemental Emote like The ones we got in Arc week Sentinel titans: Spawn a void Shield like the 1 granted by the Super and doba cool respectful Taunt Warlocks: extend your arms to Create a Vortex like the one from Nova Bomb while they stand inside of it and then start pulling all the energy into their bodies till the Vortex is fully consumed Hunters: Spawn 2 Spectral Blades & do some cool trick like the one Petra did for Cayde6 in the forsaken campaign i really love Subclass elemental emotes, they truly give each class personality while showcasing each their abilities

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