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8/18/2019 10:20:43 PM

CONTACTING_DESTINY_SERVER ~ New clan recruiting | XBOX | 18+ | PVE | PVP | Looking for Casual and Committed members

Eyes up guardian, Moons haunted ~ ~ We're endeavouring to build an environment that we can all support and grow together along side our new clan. ~ Currently recruiting for all PVE and PVP related content, competitive and casual, currently we have US, AUS and NZ, however we are not globally restricted. ~ IMPORTANT Being a multi regional clan, latency and IRL timetables will always affect some people more then others, everyone has lives outside of Destiny, bear this in mind and be kind to each other, Be Understanding As Possible. ~ Our primary form of communication will be through DISCORD, we will send a link via the D2 app upon joining the clan. There is no commitment to interact or participate with your clan mates, however it's always encouraged, as we want everyone to feel they have the opportunity to feel included, and experience everything Destiny has to offer. ~ Toxic people need not apply, any form of behaviour that makes any individual feel distressed will not be tolerated. Any questions, feel free to contact me Apply here,

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