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8/17/2019 2:51:26 PM

Damage buff/debuff multipliers

I love everything coming to shadowkeep and definitely am a big fan of the weapons of light being a titan main. It's what I've always wanted. However I am really disappointed because when weapons of light was announced I thought the titan bubble and well could be paired together to do crazy amounts of damage, after reading director cut part 3 I guess not. With the whole "only the highest damage boost will be applied." If Ward of Dawn applied a better damage boost, what's the point of using warlock when titans have helm of saint-14, rally barricade, and weapons of light for the team to use. Its the same thing for Warlocks, if Well of Radiance has a higher damage boost, what's the point of using titan when warlocks have Lunafaction Boots and Well of Radiance. This is one thing I really am not looking forward too but still will be playing shadowkeep to see if my mind changes. If i'm wrong please correct me if I misunderstood how this system will work. As of my understanding right now I'm not excited.

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