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Beet Error Gambit Prevents me from getting Solstice Purple

Dear Bungie, I can’t get my Solstice Armor to Purple because I can’t get into a Gambit game at all, it’s the last step and I’m stonewalled behind 10Gambit matches. Inspect my Warlock and you will see. Suspension keeps happening which makes it even harder to try and load in. While flying in Beet Error happens. I did all of the necessary Bungie Beet fix recommendations, this has been ongoing. I notified you guys about this and you guys did an update and afterwards, I was able to play Gambit for around 8games. I’m directly wire-connected to my internet source. NAT is Open. My stats: 478 mbps 11.3 upload 12 ms ping 7 ms jitter 0 Loss Destiny is Flawless within: Vanguard Strikes, Menagerie, Crucible, but Gambit doesn’t let me in. Everything else is flawless. It took me almost 2.5weeks to upgrade my Warlock Solstice Armor. Please help. Thank you for any help, ~Leone

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