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8/16/2019 10:04:28 AM

Lag and connection instability

For the past 3 weeks, I have been suffering from terrible connection instability in this game and I have tried everything I can think of and run every test under the sun to try and resolve it. I have now come to the conclusion that it has to be on Bungie's side. People teleport across my screen in strikes, crucible and any matchmade activity (mostly crucible), bullets don't connect, weapons don't reload, ammo goes missing. Every time I log into the game I get an error popup at bottom of the screen "trying to contact destiny 2 servers" and this happens several times in a row before it goes away (even though I am connected to the game). I have run several network quality tests from DSL reports quality test all the way through to think broadbands realtime monitor, and my connection shows no issues. My isp has also run numerous tests that have all come back clear (in fact they said my connection is running exceptionally well). I am connected over a wired FTTC network with a Cat 6 ethernet cable. All relevant ports forwarded with static IP address and open nat. [url=]DSL reports speed/quality test[/url] [i] - Throughput: 68down / 18up - Packet loss: 0% - Jitter: 1ms [/i] [b]Here are some advanced stats:[/b] [i]* Down Throughput: 20.15Mbps * Up Throughput: 17.56Mbps * Down Service Quality: 95.6% * Up Service Quality: 97.7% * RTT Min/Max/Avg (ms): 24/36/29 * Forced Idle: 0% * Max Pause: 24ms * Average Pause: 1ms * Max/Avg Up Jitter (ms): 1.10/0.20 * Max/Avg Down Jitter (ms): 1.80/0.40 * Up Order/Loss: 100.0%/0.0% * Down Order/Loss: 100.0%/0.0% * Packets Retransmitted: 0 * Bytes Retransmitted: 0 * Packets Out of Order: 0 * Bytes Out of Order: 0 * Packets Out of Win: 0 * Bytes Out of Win: 0 * Duplicate Packets: 0 * Duplicate Bytes: 0 * Part Duplicate Packets: 0 * Part Duplicate Bytes: 0 * Bytes Lost: 0 * MOS Score: 4.2[/i]
#Help #Networking

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