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8/16/2019 12:16:28 AM

The Mystic Immortals is Recruiting (XBOX)

Mystic Immortals is looking for a few great, active people to join or XBOX only clan. Most of have started around Destiny 1 and found family and friends along the way to play with. The core elements of Destiny; PvE and PvP will find no loss of support from us as we strive to help all those who join our ranks. Our clan is mainly 18+ up with members mainly from the US. We are asking that you play at least 2 times a week and keep an open line of communication with us through the Discord app. Discord is a firm requirement for joining MI. The community we strive to create and maintain is one built with a love for Destiny, respect for others, and a desire to help other in their endeavors. All are welcomed but, keep in mind, we will not tolerate Hate, bullying, and exclusion of any clan member i.e cliques or set raid/PvP teams. But all of this doesn’t really tell you why you should join. In the logo we have three words: Wisdom, Courage, Inspiration. We strive to sound and just in our actions, overcome any obstacle we encounter, become an inspiration to those around us. You’re not just joining a group of random strangers, you are joining eternity. You are etching you name in the annals of history. You are Immortal and your name shall be remembered and honored! When you put in a request to join through Bnet, someone will reach out to you through XBOX. If we cannot reach you because of setting, you will need to PM either mysticxxrain or ArkhamRed90 on here. If they are unavailable, just message Casshern_AJ on Bnet and I’ll put you in touch. We would like to speak with you in person through the XBOX party chat system before bringing you into the group officially. Discord is a firm requirement as that is our main platform for communicating with each other and setting up game sessions. Wisdom, Courage, Inspiration -Cass

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