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Destiny 2

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8/14/2019 11:21:16 PM

Leaver Protection is not a thing in Competitive Destiny? Even when playing for Recluse?

I loaded into a game where it was an instant 1v4. I played for a solid minute to see if people would stagger join, and no one did. I decided, like any sane person would, that I didn't want to waste my time getting my ass railed by 4 players, so I left. To my great surprise, I get a message that says "Hey, leaving a match early hurts your teammates" and it counts as a loss to valor. Are you serious? When 7 other people already have influence over my rank, and all I want on this planet is to get my gun and be done with competitive Destiny FOREVER, you have the -blam!-ing gall to tell me i'm going to -blam!- over literally ONLY MYSELF on my own team against 4 others who just got free +50 points? The Recluse Quest has been the only quest I've consistently heard from people saying that it's not worth it, and I agree. After getting screwed over by the system today, all I want Bungie to know is that the competitive playlist leaves such as terrible taste in players mouths, it ruins the incentive to even play modes outside of it.I'd rather play with a raid team again and again on the same encounter for over a 100 times and fail rather than playing 1 competitive match again. You couldn't put the gun behind a less stressful grind? I don't care if you fix it or remove it, I just want you to know it's bad, and that i'll never recommend it to anyone. I disagree with Luke Smith when he says an entire season focused on gambit is bad, because that whole season of content is AMAZING compared to how I feel about the Recluse quest. I want this game to be the BEST game ever made, and I am 100% behind Bungie's journey to greatness with Shadowkeep, and beyond. However, the current competitive system/method/ideology only serves to ruin the game if it stays the way it is currently.

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