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Изменено (DemonKitten): 8/14/2019 11:16:21 PM

[PC/NA] Noctem Aeternus is looking for active, Real-Life-Friendly members

Welcome to Noctem Aeternus. We are a small, real-life friendly clan, here to bring like-minded people together and work/play together, as a team. We accept everyone who: First-time Players Casual/PVE/PVP Players Returning Players Console-to-PC Transplants Veteran Players ...people of all ages, races, genders; who don't do well in large groups, and just want a place to call their own and feel comfortable with their clanmates and most of all feel more like a family. . Please, understand that not everyone can/will be on at the same time, as everyone has their own things to deal with (ie. work, family, school, etc). This game should never be a priority. Real-life should always comes first. Just play at your own pace - on your own time, do your best, help each other - when you can, and don't forget to say hello from time to time. We also have a Discord and a Facebook group, which will be given after acceptance. Simple requests of the house: * CLAN RULES * 1. Do not disrespect clan mates. Please be respectful and practice good online etiquette. * 2. Clan-Hopping, Raging or rage quitting is not acceptable. If you're not happy with the clan or someone in the clan, there other ways to leave. Communication is important to us. If you need to leave due to personal reasons, message an admin and let them know. Some things can be solved by talking it out. * 3. Stay as active as possible, but remember, Real life comes first. Long standing members may be given some leeway. If you are taking a break let an admin know. Inactivity of a month+, will result in removal unless otherwise specified. If you get removed for inactivity, you can always rejoin later. * 4. Disrespectful, abusive, offensive, hateful, sexist, homophobic, or racial messages in voice/game chat will result in a warning/removal. We are striving for a safe fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Remember, it's a game. Have fun. Family first, work second, gaming after.

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