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8/14/2019 3:16:30 PM

Competitive matchmaking

Recently me and fellow players have been getting match made into the middle of competitive games.Right now we don’t have a problem.But recently we have been getting into matches were the team we get up with is trailing by a huge margain.Such as 1 to 4 I’m countdown or 29 to 60 in clash.Now this was okay with me cause I originally though that players that loaded in the middle of a match would not loose any glory points.But after losses to these such games,we happened to notice that we were losing glory points when we were put in the middle of a guaranteed lost match.Now I find this quite unfair and low because we shouldn’t be losing glory for getting put into the middle of a match.That we didn’t even participate for the majority of the match.If you could resolve this issue please due so by either fixing that part of matchmaking,or by preventing players who do join in the middle of a match from losing glory.Thank you.

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