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8/14/2019 9:26:27 AM

Destiny Bosses: Honestly They are Boring

I actually fell asleep the other night at my controller doing Strikes... in fact in the middle of a strike boss. Didn't realize I feel asleep until the morning. Honestly, Bungie, good god your boss's aren't fun nor engaging. Boss fights are boring, no really boring. They sit there move around maybe and shoot at you just like all other trash mobs we have been fighting for 4 years. Raid bosses? They are basically glorified turrets who just occasionally shoot at us as we focus on the real encounter of the boss fight... the adds and the tedious raid puzzle we have been doing the entire raid. Finally we drop the 'bosses' shields and nuke it to kingdom come and move on with our lives. Bungie... would it kill you to have bosses be the FOCUS of BOSS fights from now on? Have them actually do a variety of attacks that we dodge, do mechanics reacting to the BOSS, interrupt attacks like Insurection Prime or Riven, or have us work together with our fire team to deal with things such as debuffs, traps from the boss, etc and not have the main threat be these annoying adds? Please, focus more on the BOSS and make them fun and engaging fights where I actually feel proud for killing these notorious enemies where I have to move around and use tools to survive. Also please, stop making bosses that only just shoot at us and die in less time than it takes for me to toast bread.

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