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Destiny 2

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Jack-Of-All-Trades kinetic exotic

Name: Jack-Of-All-Trades Type: Kinetic Impact: 40 Range: 40 Stability: 40 Handling: 40 Reload Speed: 40 Accuracy: 40 Draw Time: 750 Charge Time: 750 Blast Radius: 25 Velocity: 30 Rounds Per Minute: TBA Magazine: TBA Intrinsic Perk — E.M.P.A.C: This weapon type be swapped to any kinetic weapon type. This weapon can be equipped with any three barrel and/or magazine traits. Legendary Trait — Technical Difficulties: This weapon suffers -10 penalty to all stats. Exotic Catalyst — Hotfix: Technical Difficulties penalty decreased to -5. One legendary trait can be equipped to this weapon. Lore: Today, we’re introducing the epitome of situational and circumstantial weaponry. The biggest and most consistent complaint of any weapon owner is the constant hassle of needing to change their load-out for every exchange. Quote from recent Omolon customer: “I’m sniping, oh no—now I need my shotgun, now I want to spray them with a submachine gun. Now I want to blow up that mean Vex with a grenade launcher.” It is clear to us that no one has enough space to carry so many guns! Until today, that is! As we here at Omolon proudly introduce the Jack-Of-All-Trades, the first ever fully customisable weapon to run on our new Extremely Modifiable Personal Armoury Customiser program. Utilising an automated, internal gunsmith protocol within the weapon itself, input commands can alter the gun to almost any desired configuration. With the Jack-Of-All-Trades by your side, you’ll be prepared to tackle any opponent with whatever piece of weaponry you’ll need. RECALL NOTICE: WARNING: This is a recall notice for your recently purchased Omolon product: <JACK/OF/ALL/TRADES> Please desist from operating listed weapon immediately. Noted reason for recall is (quote) unforeseen technical errors due to high strain placed on weapon program titled: <EXTREMELY/MODIFIABLE/PERSONAL/ARMOURY/CUSTOMISER> Please visit your nearest Omolon outlet for a full refund or store credit. Thank you for your understanding.

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