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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
8/13/2019 9:11:17 PM

QoL + Rebalancing + Catalyst ideast

QoL: 1) Please allow Wish-Ender exit damage from a headshot still count as a critical hit. This will allow it to work with Chromatic Fire in PvE & PvP. Class Rebalancing: 1) The super of bottom tree striker needs to be adjusted in the crucible, but PLEASE don't touch Frontal Assault. I rarely play a titan, but it makes The Last Word and other weapons much more usable with the stability boosts on console. 2) Please bring back Gunslinger's Trance. This class is supposed to promote and enhance your weapon proficiency, however Chains of Woe do very little to promote that. 3) The standard Throwing Knives on 3 shot golden gun need better hit boxes. Even in PvE, the hitboxes are so inconsistent, it makes crits difficult to get the knife return to proc. Catalyst Suggestions: Wish-Ender: Boost the damage against taken enemies and have the catalyst give it a special version of Archer's Tempo (Queen's Tempo?) that can stack up to 3 times for 3 seconds, refreshable on consecutive hits AND doesn't require a full draw to give Queen's Wrath (wall-hacks) while the perk is active. Wish ender is honestly kind of a joke in PvP and PvE right now because of the draw time, hopefully something like this could help it. Arbalest: Box Breathing Queenbreakers: Backup-Mag Trinity Ghoul: "Trinity Rod" Landing all three arrows as crits gives gives 3 full draws of lightning rod, not refreshable until perk is depleted. Example: Full draw + ADS shot, all 3 arrows hit Ogre crit. Next 3 DRAWS give lightning rod perk, regardless of ADS/full draw. Once 3 shots have fired from bow with lightning rod, you must refresh by either hitting a full volley of arrows as crits again. If you get a kill against, say a thrall with one or two arrows hitting crits, you will only get the current version of Lightning Rod. Le Monarque: Add an additional 0.5 seconds of time to a "perfect draw" to allow for easier use of the poison arrows. Cerberus+1: Feeding Frenzy and +10 boost to Range

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