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Изменено (Klean Killer): 8/21/2019 4:14:25 PM

Sick of Promises Like "Active" or "Helpful" Clan only to join and find "Cliques?" Then Join Us. We Back Up Our Claims!

[b]TLDR; Message Klean, the author of this post, to join this Xbox Only clan. Spots Remaining = TBD[/b] You should read [url=]THIS[/url] before applying to ANY clan. Every two weeks we purge our roster of inactive players and seek to replace them in order to keep ourselves fresh and active. It is that time again, where we seek out those less fortunate guardians who have been plagued by inactive, unorganized clans, and welcome them to the Most Rewarding Clan Ever. However, not everyone gets in and spots are always limited. Here is what you need to know and do in order to get in... [u]The Rules?[/u] - Our Clan is active primarily between the hours of 6pm EST - 2am EST with most Sherpa Raids and scheduled content starting at 10pm EST. If you do not play during that window, you will not get into the clan. This is not a rule for us as much as it is for you. When seeking a clan, find one that plays when you do otherwise it won't be very active! - We utilize discord with multiple chats in order to organize for whatever activity your little heart desires. Using LFG before checking to see if others in the clan want to do an activity will get you removed from the Clan. If you do not need us (aka LFG) then why are you in a clan to begin with? This does not mean you can never use LFG or that you cannot exclude your fellow clan mates by being a little elitist, but you need to use the chats before wading in the LFG pool. - Do not always make everything about you. That simply means, be kind, sometimes do something to help others that does not generally benefit yourself. Such as following the clan leader on [url=]twitch [/url] to watch his stream or something as simple as re-running a Nightfall because another clan member needs it. [u]Rewards?[/u] - We keep our Clan active regardless of the content that Bungie provides. We do so by actively removing inactive players and recruiting new guardians every two weeks. Ultimately, if you have not played in 2 weeks and haven't provided us with a reason you haven't played in two weeks, you probably won't realize you aren't in a Destiny 2 clan anymore. - We are extremely organized. Every week we schedule events for the clan to do. This ensures that even when content is not desirable to everyone, we can offer something to do. Sure, we have the typical Veteran Raids, Sherpa Raids, and Comp Teams, but we also have things you never knew you needed in your Destiny experience. Such as: [i]6 stacked High-Fives[/i] where we get pummeled but try really hard to get opponents to high five us. [i]Crucible Challenge[/i] where we use only a selected exotic weapon to try and win. #SweetBusiness [i]Soccer Tournaments[/i] where we compete in some Tower or Farm soccer matches for honor! [i]Special Contests[/i] where we give out prizes (emblem codes, etc.) for having the longest win streak etc. - We have put together the best admin team with the hand we have been delt. They take care of the business side of things so you play the game and have fun. [b]Klean[/b], a shameless self promoter and generous helper of sarcasm who rarely completes his own triumphs in favor of helping you complete yours. Current interests include helping others with Competitive PVP and complaining about how he didn't complete three sets of solstice armor. [b]Br00klyn[/b], a self proclaimed artist who spends countless hours helping other people complete the raids for no reason other than he has no where more important to be. Current interests include practicing his sherpa voice and creating a mix tape. [b]Hasco[/b], a man who is so good with words you would think he could do better than this clan. Current interests include falling asleep to the soothing sounds of Tower music. [b]Gekko[/b], who quit only helps people during the day for some reason. Current interests include green pajamas, Owlette and Catboy. Last and certainly because this list was ranked, [b]dUb[/b]. You will find him wielding the ban hammer of the clan, or you won't find him, because he is usually somewhere you didn't know existed in Destiny. Seriously though, we have a lot of experience in this game and if you still aren't sure about your interest in joining, check out the paid testimonials below from our own clan members in the replies.[i] If they did not post one, they will be removed and you can have their spot in the roster. Kidding...[/i] [u]How To Apply[/u] Follow Klean_Killer on [url=]Twitter[/url] and join his stream [url=]Discord[/url]. Side Effects include confusion, loss of time, and nothing to do with joining the clan. Just send me a Private Message so I can ask you a bunch of random questions.

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