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You don't forfeit any triumphs, collections, progress, status, or Silver. When you cross-save, all other accounts you have on the previous platform simply become dormant and inactive. As the second quote says, you are able to reactivate your other accounts by disabling the cross-save and you will be able to re-access your account and Silver on the platform you previously used. Everything you obtained or progressed [i]in-game[/i] (triumphs, collections, etc.) carries over. You then have to wait 90 days to perform another cross-save action. Silver is purchased [i]outside[/i] of the game and is locked to the platform they were purchased on (PS, XB, or Steam), which is why they don't transfer with you to a different platform service provider when you use cross-save. Cross-save is not meant to be a consolidating action. It is not there to take things from different accounts and then merge into one. At least not yet. However, it probably never will be because of account recoveries.

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