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8/10/2019 12:48:44 AM

Help if possible

So ive been playing destiny since day one.. I played up til d2 came out and months after on my main account. After a month of d2 my account was lets say taken by someone else.. So I made a new account on d2 played the first mission and decided to go back to d1 and complete everything possible before it became dead. After I got the raid triumph and emblem for d1 I went on d2 and completed the campaign included all dlc up to this point. Ive obviously noticed my ghost knowing nothing about d1 and said nothing about the oryx or xurs strange coins. And throughout the game hes clueless on certain subjects. Is there any possible way for me to get the veteran dialogue? I'm worried when shadowkeep comes out he will be clueleds to everything and that just doesnt sit right with me. If at all I would love if there is a way to do it.

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