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Solo comp

Long time destiny player here , I don’t have any social media so I figured I’d make a post here in the forums, and hopefully my voice can be heard. I mostly play PvP and I consider myself pretty good at PvP and comp . I have all the pinnacle PvP weapons except not forgotten, I have been chasing the weapon for about 3 seasons , my old PvP friends have stopped playing the game and I tend to play with a lot of PVE players which is fine , when I play comp I now have to rely on LFG and randoms to help me in comp I get pretty close as well I get to 4500 comp score . Long story short I would like there to be a way to get comp score but for solo players like a comp rumble playlist for example , just like the old halo days . Please bungie help this solo PvP player out and make a comp rumble , or comp doubles . Thank you

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