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8/8/2019 3:12:34 PM

How Bungie Can Fix AFK Farming in the Easiest Way Possible

We've all entered a match of Rumble only to find 5 other Guardians doing the Cha Cha Slide at their spawnpoint. The good thing, however, is that the fix for this is already in the game. All Bungie has to do is add the Competitive queuing system to the other matchmade activities. Recall that, after a game of Comp, you're sent back to orbit and have to manually re-queue. Implementing that to Quickplay, Gambit, etc. will put off most AFK farmers from doing so. Sure, it might be a small inconvenience to actual players, but I think the bigger inconvenience is turning around in a Gambit match and watching your teammate try to enter the Konami code over and over.

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