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8/8/2019 1:39:59 AM

Are all Zarinaea-D Auto Rifles without the angled foregrip on legacy consoles?

Are all Zarinea-D Auto Rifles without the angledforegrip on legacy consoles? I am poor as -blam!- and cannot afford a new gen console or computer, so I still play Destiny 1 on the ps3. Last week on my armsday order I bought the Zarinaea-D auto rifle on the recommendation of the player base and because the weapon looks cool as shit. So I went to pick it up with Banshee, and it looks glitched. On third-person it is missing the angled foregrip, so i thought maybe it does not have one, however, on first-person my character holds the gun two inches above their hand, like the grip should be there but it is not. My question is, is this normal for the legacy consoles, or is my game glitched? If it is on my console only, can I fix it somehow?

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