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Изменено (Cat1020): 8/6/2019 1:56:31 AM

Completing Crucible Gold Tier objectives only gives Iron Banner medals in IB, not Crucible medals

During Iron Banner last week, I was fortunate enough to have a few “O.M.G.-Did-I-do-that?" matches in which I received what are equivalent to two "Gold Tier" Crucible medals. However, because they were earned in the Iron Banner playlist, I only received the Iron Banner versions of the medals: "Iron Legend" for defeating 20 opposing Guardians in a single life, and "Ghost Wolf" for landing final blows on 7 opponents without taking any damage. I am unsure if this is intended, but in my opinion, I truly believe this to be a bug or at least a game issue. My reasoning is that Iron Banner is another rotating PvP Crucible game mode, and like all other game modes—static or rotating—in Crucible (Quickplay, Rumble, Competitive, Mayhem, Showdown, Breakthrough, Doubles, Lockdown, and Supremacy), if I were to complete the objective necessary to earn a Crucible medal, it would unlock the associated Crucible medal Triumph, or continue to count toward it if it is already unlocked. Since I earned a 20-kill streak, regardless of it being in Iron Banner ([i]a rotating Crucible game mode[/i]), I should have earned the Gold Tier “We Ran Out of Medals" medal in addition to the “Iron Legend” medal. Likewise, since I defeated 7 opponents in a single life without taking damage from any source, regardless of it being in Iron Banner, I should have also earned the Gold Tier “Ghost in the Night” medal in addition to “Ghost Wolf”. Especially with Gold Tier medals: they are something to be proud of, so much so that there is an emblem, “Made Shaxx Proud”, that specifically counts how many a player has earned. (Personal aside: Had those two Gold Tier medals counted outside of Iron Banner, I’d be sporting a proud 6 “top-tier medals earned in the Crucible,” instead of my current 4. If you couldn’t tell, PvP isn’t my strong suit, so when those “O.M.G.-Did-I-do-that?” plays come around, it’s a big deal.) And yes, yes, I know there is the Iron Banner specific emblem, “The Golden Standard”, that “tracks the number of […] Gold-tier medals earned in the Iron Banner”, which is great, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the objectives to be completed to earn those medals are the same objectives needed to be completed anywhere else in Crucible to earn their Gold Tier equivalents. This argument of course is not to say, however, that medals earned outside of Iron Banner in other playlists are to unlock Iron Banner specific medals, as Iron Banner medals are their own separated "Iron Banner" sub-category under "Medals". Being that it is a specific sub-category, it makes sense that those medals must be earned in that specific playlist. This is also the case for the "Perimeter Control", "Reclaimer", "Capture and Control", "Flagbearer", and "Dominant Advantage" medals: all of those medals are specifically for Control as denoted in their description, and they are organized under the sub-category of "Gametypes". Although those five medals have nearly exact Iron Banner equivalents (“Iron Protector”, “Reversal of Fortune”, “Tactical Shift”, “Field General”, and “Sitting Ducks”), the objective specifically reads “Control:…”, and therefore, they can only be unlocked in the Control playlist. In closing, one of the main reasons I bring this up as a game issue and claim it to be a bug, is because completing those objectives is a feat that isn’t just specific to Iron Banner, it’s recognized through ALL of Crucible, and it should be counted as such. So much of the player base is unable to earn these Gold Tier medals, and when they do, it can be almost as thrilling as finally talking to Shaxx at the end of a pinnacle quest and picking up Luna’s Howl. Yes, it may be sheer luck in some cases, but regardless, it’s still a feat that takes time and skill to earn. [i][Please excuse me for how late in the week I am posting this. I was unable to post earlier due to health issues. I am still posting because I believe the issue to still be pertinent with Iron Banner returning in a few weeks.][/i]

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