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8/4/2019 6:02:52 PM

A change to the Oxygen-SR3 Meganeura perk

[quote]current: [b]MEGANEURA [/b] [i]Legendary / Trait[/i] Dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt beforehand.[/quote] New: [quote][b]MEGANEURA [/b] [i]Legendary / Trait[/i] Chaining headshots between enemies causes more damage on the subsequent shots. Damaged enemies explode as they die. Chains explosions that are caused by Dragonfly. [/quote] so pretty much it causes a rampage like effect per bullet that lands on an enemies crit spot. If a user does not kill enemies they are chaining, only shooting them in the head, the next enemy they headshot kill blows that enemy up and any other previously headshot enemy. Shooting and killing an enemy with a crit shot will still trigger dragonfly but will not chain unless procing Meganeura. Example: you shoot hobgoblin A once in the crit then shoot hobgoblin B once (triggers Meganeura) in the crit chaining the crits, the third crit shot to a hydra will do immense damage to it resulting in the chain explosion of both enemy A and B. You can shoot and kill the hydra easily as the other two enemy explosions chain solar damage in close proximity. Any enemy that dies from those chain explosions then chain explodes themselves.

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