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Изменено (Symmetrist Veil): 8/7/2019 12:01:56 AM

New Rasputin exotic idea

Polshedeeshansa (The Last Chance) “Are you even pulling the trigger?” Weapon Type: Kinetic / Hand Cannon. Impact: 70 Range: 45 Stability: 65 Handling: 60 Reload Speed: 45 Rounds Per Minute: 150 Magazine: 6 Intrinsic Perk: “Russian Roulette” This weapon does not reload automatically. Shooting when the magazine is empty at an enemy combatant who would die from one shot instantly loads one round into the magazine. Legendary Trait: “Spinning the Cylinder” Missing a kill with a Russian Roulette round deals damage over time to the wielder. Kills with Russian Roulette rounds heals the wielder over time and improves accuracy. Stacks up to three times (both damage and healing). Exotic Catalyst: “Razoreelsya (Gone Broke)” Russian Roulette rounds deal extra damage. This increases the window to spawn Russian Roulette rounds against enemy combatants. Lore Tab: “Are you even pulling the trigger?” THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPT FROM AN INTERCEPTED TRANSMISSION: [u.1:01] Is it dangerous out there? [u.2:01] Heh... You could say that. [u.1:02] Commander Zavala put out that quarantine for a reason — you know that right? [u.2:02] Yeah, and I bet if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t be knee deep in Fallen all throughout the EDZ. I’d wager he practically gifted them the whole of Old Russia. [u.1:03] You seem to bet a lot... For a Guardian. [u.2:04] I suppose so, but only where it counts. [u.1:04] Where it counts? [u.2:05] Where I can win. [u.1:05] You win much? [u.2:06] In the Crucible? No. [u.1:06] Where then? [u.2:07] Hmph... I bet this gun can knock you down in one shot, and that each time your Ghost brings you back, I’ll be able to knock you down again in one shot. [u.1:07] Well, that doesn’t sound so hard for you- [u.2:08] Did I mention I won’t reload? [u.1:08] Yeah? Well alright then, you’re on. How many times? [u.2:09] Ten thousand glimmer says I can knock you down a hundred times without reloading. [u.1:08] ... Deal. [unidentified blast from unknown source] [unidentified blast from unknown source] [unidentified blast from unknown source] [unidentified blast from unknown source] [unidentified blast from— ERROR\sync\244f INTERCEPTION INTERRUPTED — INTERCEPTION TERMINATED.

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