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8/4/2019 1:45:22 AM

Suggestions Needed - LFC - Toxic Individual

[b]Hi[/b]. ^-^ I am an extremely [b][u]toxic[/u][/b] individual. I've recently been ejected from [i]two[/i] individual clans (one ejection, one personal withdrawal) due to my argumentative and aggressive behavior. While I can be very friendly and cooperative in most cases, I have a tendency to be bipolar ([i]not in medical terms[/i]) and can quickly switch to an egregious, overly critical tone that pushes most away. Both groups were completely [b]correct[/b] in distancing themselves from me, even the one who I was apart of for close to 3 years. I have very low self-esteem, am overly critical of myself, and often have self-destructive thoughts. My personality type through long, personal diagnosis is [i]INTP[/i], enneagram [i]type 6[/i], [i]Slytherin[/i]. I am most likely unhealthy mentally and I have extreme trouble asking for help, even for just playing a game. So my question is: what type of clan should I be looking for? [u]Aside[/u]: While I am toxic, I am personally disgusted by the stereotypical and rude "bro" clans, but have a low tolerance for the "accept all" groups as I have a moderate amount of skill and low-skill players in raids and serious multiplayer give me an uncomfortable amount of agita. I should state, I am NOT looking for just names but more for characteristics of groups. Lastly, thank you for taking time to read this post, even if you're a mod who's about to delete it, lol. [b]Have a wonderful day. <3[/b]

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