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8/3/2019 5:40:33 PM

Since people are still not happy with one eyed mask, I'll try to provide a reasonable nerf possibility.

It's clear that people will continue to complain about it as it's a strong exotic in crucible that grants multiple strong benefits. At the same time, what I think would be a reasonable nerf probably isn't the same as others who despise it, because I don't get bothered by it as much as other people, but that's always how it is with bias or circumstance and I have no reason to deny that. Do I think one eyed mask is broken, not at all, at least not compared to how it USED to be. So, my idea to nerf it is to simply just get rid of the health regen. Having the tracking and overshield is good enough to keep the exotic viable, although I think the overshield should be tweaked to give it instantly rather than over time like currently as the health regen is what made killing the titan WITH the overshield so much more difficult, and with recovery the way it is, it takes a good couple of seconds to recover health so you can't just freely jump into the next battle. As for the people about to scream at me about the damage buff...since xur is selling it, why not try it out first to see if it's actually good or not. On ace of spades, it only grants 3 damage to the weapon with momento mori active and it goes down depending on the other weapon types. In most cases, autos and smgs are the only ones that would truly benefit from the damage buff as the increase is just not high enough to make any difference on weapons like handcannons, scouts, pulses, or side arms. So with that in mind, I think it's fine as is because it's negligible on a good majority of weapons. With the health regen gone, the weapon will still grant good benefits, it just won't be as insufferable to those who have issues with it. If you have any other suggestions or thoughts, feel free to share them.

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