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8/2/2019 8:46:25 PM

[PS4] Looking for a Casual, inclusive clan? Join △▽S E R A P H I M▽△!

Greetings Guardian! Are you looking for a fresh & friendly clan? One of inclusivity, positivity, respect & an all round laid back community? One unconcerned with rank, skill or experience? Then consider △▽S E R A P H I M ▽△!! _____________________________________________________ We are △▽S E R A P H I M▽△. The order of Seraphs. Bound in Devotion, bound in bravery, bound in sacrifice. We are those who protect Mankind, blessed by the Traveller’s light. Devoted as defenders, brave as paragons, sacrificed as champions. We are it’s Guardians on wings blinding burning bright. We are △▽S E R A P H I M▽△, Order of Seraphs. △▽S E R A P H I M▽△ is an LGBTQ+ inclusive clan community where respect, support, maturity and positivity are upheld to create a fun, friendly environment. △▽S E R A P H I M▽△ is a casual clan unconcerned with rank, skill or experience. Instead we strive to teach, involve and help our members as equals. △▽S E R A P H I M▽△ is a clan where Guardians can come to enjoy a vibrant social space, build fireteams, form friendships and be their very best! △▽REQUIREMENTS▽△ -UK/US English speaking. -PS4 only.
-Mic Required.
-Non Toxic / Non Toxic tryharding. 
-Access to Discord. 
-Contact Founder [DREDGEN NOMAD] via Destiny app for joining requests. Do not just send an application, we will not accept you unless you’ve spoken to the Founder.

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