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Destiny 2

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Изменено (FatalFantasy88): 7/31/2019 8:12:10 PM

Something weird is happening on IO....

Asher: IKORA RAY! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!? Ikora: What is it Asher? Is something the matter? Asher: of course something is “the matter”! All of your precious Vanguard are here making a mess! Ikora: The Guardians? What are they doing exactly? Asher: Doing what they have been doing for the past 2 years! Making noise and bothering me! But, there are hundreds of them here! Ikora: Alright, now what is it exactly they are doing though? Asher: Constantly contacting me on patrols! Bringing me data and materials in at an alarming rate! Destroying Vex and scattering their parts to the winds! Ikora: Asher Mir, this all sounds like them doing their jobs. And, they seem to be very keen on helping you as well. I don’t see a problem letting them to continue, do you? Asher: Well!. . . . . Ugh, fine. They can continue to support me with their labors, but! At this rate, all of IO will be desolate of any Vex and Taken in a matter of days! And then who can I conduct experiments on!? Ikora: *deep exhale* I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’m going to go now. Asher: Wait WAIT! I have a crowd full of Guardians all standing here staring-! *Comms go dead* Asher: -menacingly. . . . Guardians: *reloads shotguns with malicious intent* Asher: uh.....bad guys are that way *weakly points behind the crowd* Guardians: *all turn at once and sparrow race away* Asher: Oh this is going to be a long day.....

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