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7/29/2019 3:47:00 PM

[XBOX] Chill clan looking for a few Guardians. CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS. Simple enterprise since Destiny 1.

Good day, Bungie Community and DESTINY 2 players. CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS is looking for more active Destiny 2 players. Our clan has been around since Destiny 1 and historically hit every season's max clan XP in Destiny 2. Heading in to "SHADOWKEEP" we're wanting to fill our ranks. Visit our clan page for details... and an explanation of our clan name, which seems to confuse people. Haha. We're a casual clan with friendly players. Interested in joining? Visit our linked clan page (at top) and request to join. Also reply here for questions. Some points: 1. Clan members communicate through the Destiny Companion App within our clan channel. 2. The clan has activity expectations that were voted on by our members: A member must be active within the last 31 days at time of review, happen every mid-month, although exemptions can apply if a member lets us know. 3. Members are expected to be respectful of other members 4. All ages are welcome. Most members range in the 20s to 50s. The least amount of drama is appreciated. ;D 5. Members are located across the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Most players in the U.S. reside in ET (Eastern Time zone), but all timezones are welcome. Looking forward to a few new faces, especially more UKers. Cheers! "Alea iacta est!" "The game is afoot!"

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